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Cracking Eggs

Cracking Eggs

Nutrition plays a vital role in the Forever-Fit Summer Camp. Our goal is to challenge campers to expand their knowledge about nutrition by giving them opportunities to learn about, plan, and prepare food.

The Forever-Fit Summer Camp helps children learn to enjoy and favor foods that are good for them by presenting great-tasting choices in a fun, safe environment. Children (and adults) need to understand the importance of healthy foods in the daily diet, but most lack exposure to sound nutritional principles and education about how to adapt and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

During camp, a registered dietitian introduces families to nutritional principles, emphasizing the latest information from evidence-based science on nutrition and health. All facets of the Forever-Fit Summer Camp nutrition program are based on the  USDA’s MyPlate nutrition education and food guidance system and endorsed by such professional organizations as the American Dietetic Association, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, and many others.